Las Hamacas is a spectacular and special site to host your wedding or a special event.

We can accommodate small onsite weddings for groups 

Wedding groups (or guests at the wedding) must rent all the homes in Las Hamacas, which consists of six large (each about 3400 - 3500 sq ft) 3BR 3bath houses, plus one smaller 1BR 1bath casita.  Most of the bedrooms have an extra sleeper, so if a couple has a child they can share a suite, or sometimes three good friends can share and each have a single bed.  The complex sleeps from 38 to about 48, depending on how people share suites, and if the group is larger, then we can offer overflow accommodation in three beautiful neighboring complexes, LOS DELFINES (12 houses) LAS GEMELAS (6 Houses) and LOS ALMENDROS (26 apartments)

We have vast experience hosting wedding groups, whether the wedding is onsite or offsite.  In addition to the ceremony itself, we can also accommodate welcome parties, groom’s dinners, etc. For group events, we require a flat site fee of $1,000 (OCTOBER through MAY) and $600 (June through September). Keeping mind a security deposit of $500 per house is always charged regardless of if you have an event. If you would like we can recommend a wedding planner.

Casa Dulcinea and Casa Serena directly face this front yard, with large patios on that side, so those patios are often incorporated into the wedding seating or the reception/dinner/party.  Often the bride and groom, and wedding canopy if desired, along with officiant, are closet to the beachside, with chairs on the lawn facing the couple and the ocean & beach.

Others use the beach in front, to take advantage of the incredibly powerful and colorful Sayulita sunsets. Please keep in mind Sayulita's beaches are public, but can still be used for events.