• Sayulita VIP Transportation Services

    Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .

    We have worked with Sayulita VIP Transportation for over 13 years.

    Sayulita VIP Transportation Services offers comfort and luxury in their 7-passenger NEW suburban vehicles and professional, friendly drivers that make your trip to and from the Puerto Vallarta airport an enjoyable ride in style. A VIP- Ride with the same rates as others companies. Owner, Antonio and his crew of drivers will arrange to pick you up from the airport and take you safely to your Sayulita rental destination.

    Private transportation charges around 190dlls round trip.


    +52 329-291-2007

    +52 322-109-4229

    +52 322-429-6691

  • Gaby Golf Carts in Sayulita

    Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .

    Gaby Golf Carts in Sayulita is a big elite fleet of the best golf carts in the area. Each perfectly customized golf cart is what empowers our business and satisfaction to our customers. But what makes Gaby Golf Carts run like a well-oiled engine is the fact that we really strive to make driving our golf carts an enjoyable part of your vacation in Sayulita. We are passionate about the idea of exploring our beaches that we want our visitors to explore it along with us.


    +52 322-429-6691

    +52 322-429-6691

  • Chef Services

    Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .

    If you are looking for someone to cook some meals for you Please contact Laura, Whats App: +52 961 376 2499

  • Don Pedros

    Calle Marlin #2 Sayulita Nayarit .

    In 1992, two cousins, Damien and Nicholas, set off from Los Angeles on a surf and culinary adventure. Making their way south, they stumbled upon a diamond-in-the-rough called Sayulita. With one phone line in town at the Paleteria and hardly any other services, Sayulita was a dusty fishing village that time seemed to have forgotten. Tucked into a jungle-clad bay with a consistent rivermouth break, Sayulita’s serene natural beauty and the warm hospitality of the locals impressed the two travelers. So much that they decided to stay. And thus a dream began to crystallize – to build a world-class restaurant on the beach of this little paradise. Like many passionate dreamers, they were laughed at, told it would never work. But true to the old adage “if you build it, they will come”, they did… and the people came. Over 22 years later, they keep coming back.
    Giving Back

    From the onset of their experience in Sayulita, Damien and Nicholas have always believed in improving the quality of life for the locals who call this place home. They financed the restoration of the malecon and fortification of the beach area. They have repeatedly contributed to the development of the growing town’s sewer system and financed upgrades to the local power grid. Most importantly, Don Pedro’s has employed at least one member of every founding family of the village. Don Pedro’s continues to be the largest employer in Sayulita.

  • Los Delfines

    Av del Palmar Norte .

    Los Delfines in Sayulita consists of eleven beautiful beachfront villas for rent, individually or together, in the Los Delfines and Las Gemelas complexes, which sit side by side on the beach in Sayulita Mexico, and the next property is the six villa Las Hamacas complex.

  • Las Gemelas

    AV del Palmar Norte .

    Las Gemelas is the most beautiful and spacious beachfront complex on the North end of Sayulita.  There are 6 houses in the complex, only 2 of them (Viviana and Maramor) have been completely remodeled.  All houses have daily maid service (excluding Sunday’s) and on site laundry service. Each individual house is great for families, and multiple houses for larger reunions, weddings and other groups.  Wedding and party planning is available, along with boat trips, massage, and in home cooking.  The beach in front of the houses is all sand and great for swimming and body surfing.

  • Turtle Release Preservation

    Av del Palmar Norte .

    As environmental awareness grows in Sayulita, so does the wildlife. Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita is a voluntary community project. The goal of this Sayulita organization is to relocate the sea turtle nests, as well as educate locals and visitors how to protect them from poaching. A huge effort has been put into effect for programs to educate young, local children about the importance of sea turtle preservation and environmental compassion. Sayulita is along the Nayarit Coast and is home to the Olive Ridley sea turtles. Recently in the winter of 2016, residents of Sayulita were excited to see a very rare nest of Leatherback turtles emerge from their nests. Locals and vistors enoy the sunset releasing of the hatchlings where many volunteers, families, and children help. Educating and protecting the beach helps the little baby turtles get a chance at life and has become an important goal within the Sayulita community.


    The beaches of Sayulita are the perfect location for large numbers of sea turtles to nest. Although sea turtles live most of their lives at sea, the females return to land and lay their eggs. Female turtles always return to the precise location where they themselves were born to lay their own eggs. Because of this, it is extremely crucial to preserve the turtles natural habitat and preserve their species from poaching. After incubating for about two months in the beaches of Sayulita, the two-inch long turtles hatch, erupt as a group from their nest in the cool of the night, and scurry down the beach to the sea. 

  • Mini Súper Chewbacca

    Calle Miramar 25b, Zona Norte, 63734 Sayulita, Nay., Mexico .

    Small convenient store 

  • Intercam Banco Sayulita

    Av. Revolución 231 Int. B, Sayulita .

    Intercam Banco Sayulita

  • Pizza Venezia

    Av. del Palmar 50 .

    Rustica and La Venezia

    There are half a dozen pizza places in town, mostly serving up greasy sub-par pies. Any pizza is decent pizza, but save your money for one of the two really good pizza places in town. Rustica is near the plaza and features elaborate wood-oven pies served by a friendly Argentinean guy. Our favorite is La Mexicana with mozzarella, chorizo, jalapeno, sauteed onions, sour cream, and cilantro. La Venezia is near the North Beach and is run by a couple of actual Italian guys. Their pizza is a bit more basic, but still very tasty. The garlic bread is great as well. This place is always super busy and popular with families.

  • Medusa Restaurant

    Av del Palmar .

    Medusa Restaurant in Sayulita is located on the North Side just one block from the beach. The appetizing menu bursts with fresh ideas and ingredients including ceviche, sashimi, aguachile or smoked marlin as a light snack or starter. Other options include scrumptious organic salads,  and much more . Specialties include coconut shrimp with mango habanero salsa, pescado sarandeado (grilled BBQ fish with a special BBQ sauce), out of this world Guadalajara classic tortas ahogadas. 

  • Frente al Punto Beachclub

    Sayulita Beach .


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    Frente Al Punto Beach Club: Sayulita’s Newest Wedding & Event Venue

    Frente al Punto in Sayulita is a unique beachfront bar and event venue in a large palm grove right in front of the left surf break. A natural and organic beachfront atmosphere, with every detail designed for your comfort and relaxation, ensures your Sayulita wedding or special event will be unforgettable. Try our delicious cocktail menu and enjoy our snacks in this beautiful beachfront location.

    We are a beach club that melds the bohemian essence of Sayulita with a retro touch. Frente al Punto, Beachbar, Wedding & Event Venue offers excellent service in a beachfront palm grove of approximately 5000 meters of land in green areas.

  • La Rustica Restaurant

    Av Revolucion #40 .

    La Rustica is located just a few steps off the plaza on the way to la playa, where you can find yourself eating some of the best wood fired pizza, salad or pastas in Sayulita. With the great ambience and attractive modern decor, La Rustica Sayulita is the place where everyone will feel comfortable. Amazing service and delightful atmosphere is what really distinguishes the place and makes it a Sayulita favorite.

    You can enjoy comfortable seating with a beautiful view of the town center at the tables inside, open air dining outside, friendly atmosphere in our bar sitting area. Feeling like staying in for the evening? Our delivery service the most convenient way to enjoy our menu from the comfort of your villa or casa.   

    Along with our varieties of great pizza, salads and pastas, you can order delicious calamari, foccacia de romero, palomitas de camaron or mejillones. If you're craving rustic, delicious and handmade Italian food made with the best ingredients, La Rustica is the place to be in Sayulita. Our bar has an outstanding selection of craft cocktails, and we serve delicious, local craft beers. 

  • Wa kika Ice Cream

    Av Revolucion .

    Wa Kika Heladería in Sayulita, Mexico - The name of Wa kika comes from the Huichol, which is one of the local indigenous languages here in Nayarit, México. Translated into Spanish it means "Las Olas" (The Waves). With two locations to enjoy, you are always close to a refreshing treat! Our Plaza Ágora location is just steps from the beach, and our other location is on Revolucion next to La Rustica restaurant.

  • Tierra Viva Sushi

    Pueblo .

    GREAT SUSHI Just a block from the beach you'll discover one of the most authentic and fine-dining dinner experiences in Sayulita. With flavors from the Caribbean, Oaxaca, Puebla and Veracruz in pleasant ambiance surrounded by nature and open to the ocean breeze.

    Come to Tierra Viva in Sayulita for creative cuisine. Enjoy a wide selection of international wines, tropical and international drinks from our fully stocked bar.

    Tierra Viva restaurant’s objective is to create a truly unique dining experience by inovating the menu with international, tropical and carribean flavors, providing a quiet atmoshphere surrounded by nature and above all offering superb service.

    Featured in Vallarta Opina newspaper, Tierra Viva restaurant in Sayulita is described as having great atmoshphere, delicious cuisine and a must-go-to restaurant in Sayulita.


    Hospital CMQ Riviera Nayarit, Bucerías, Riviera Nayarit, Nayarit, Mexico .

    Please go directly to this HOSPITAL for any emergencies. 


  • GYM Sayulita Fit

    Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .

    Sayulita's GYM


    We are Sayulita Fit Athletic Club..  The premiere health and fitness club in Sayulita, Mexico.  Come experience the area´s only world class training center for athletes of all levels.  From beginner to professional, we have the facility and equipment to meet your fitness needs.



    We offer multiple fitness classes from Yoga to Zumba and Barre. All led by energetic and passionate members of our team. Come get fit with us in the magical town of Sayulita.



    Revolucion Cycle is an 45 minute indoor cycling experience.  We ride to the rhythm of our favorite tunes in a high intensity cardio and full body workout session.  Our instructors guide you through a thrilling routine and motivate you to reach new heights.

  • Yoga Studio

    Hotelito Los Sueños, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .

    Yoga Studio at Hotelito de los Suenos 2 blocks away!

  • Farmers Market

    Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .

    Friday Farmers Market


  • Pharmacy

    Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .


  • ATM

    Café Arte, Avenida del Palmar, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .


  • Surf Lessons & more WILDMEX

    Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .



    Javier Chavez - CEO

    WildMex is entirely the vision of our CEO, Javier Chavez, an ex-professional mountain bike racer and member of the Mexican national mountain biking team. After many years spent outdoors, travelling and doing the sports he loves, Javier’s main focus is now to share this life with others, and to help people travelling to Sayulita and Punta Mita to enjoy all the outdoor experiences that this fantastic area has to offer.

    Javier now divides his time between running WildMex, mountain biking, surfing, and travelling the world. Javier considers himself fortunate to live the life he lives, and to be able to share his passion for the outdoors with so many different people through his work at WildMex.



  • Hair and Nail Salon

    El Corte Sayulita, Calle Playa Azul, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico .

    Hair and Nail salon